Columbia County 4-H Project S.A.F.E
The 4-H Project S.A.F.E program would not be where it is today without the help of all the volunteers that fill the rolls of coaching, coordinating, scoring, and well...simply pitching in to help when help is needed! 

Most of our volunteers are parents of kids that are currently in the program, some whose kids have been in the program, and some who simply love the shooting sports and want to be involved.  The following areas are where we are always looking to volunteers to help out:

--  Sponsorships
--  Weekly Practice:   Scoring & Safety
--  Team Shirts (coordination of getting them made)
--  Annual Shotgun Raffle
--  Team Picnic:  Shooter Sign-in, Gun Raffle, Donation of Raffle Items, Food Tent, Score Board
--  District Competition:  Shooter Sign-in, Food Tent, Tent Setup
--  State Competition:  Food Tent, Tent Setup

If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, please send an email containing your name and contact information to
Volunteer Coaches
Our coaches attend a certification class that is given by the Georgia 4-H staff.  Below is a listing of our volunteer coaches and when they attended their certification class:

Keith Howard (head coach) - January 2005
Wayne Matherly - January 2007
Al Kane - December 2008
Lori Patterson - February 2008
Bo Thomas - December 2008
Greg Banford - February 2009
Martha Garner - November 2009
Mark Link - November 2009
Joseph Morbit - February 2009
Jimmy Tiller - November 2009
Terry Hyatt - December 2010
Bruce Saul - February 2010
Steve Price - February 2011
Robbie Roberson - December 2011
Randy Ruark - December 2011
Steve Storey - February 2011
Wayne Welch - October 2011
Ben Howard - February 2012
Robbie Johnson - February 2012
Buddy Lichty - October 2012
Daniel Morris - October 2012