Columbia County 4-H Project S.A.F.E
The Columbia County Trapshooting Club has established a scholarship program to reward deserving members of the Columbia County 4-H Project S.A.F.E. Trapshooting Team.

The scholarship is available for high school students (11th & 12th grades), and former team members in their freshman year, that are pursuing a degree at an accredited institution of higher education (i.e. Junior College, Community College, Technical College, College or University).

Three scholarships, each in the amount of $2000, will be awarded per academic year.  The amount to be awarded is subject to change due to availability of funds.

Applicant will supply the Scholarship Committee with a letter of acceptance and proof of enrollment as suitable evidence that the student will be attending an institution of higher learning.  Scholarship funds will be delivered to the institution with a receipt going to the student, and/or guardian.  The applicant may request to have a check made directly to them by furnishing the Scholarship Committee a copy of their paid receipt showing they are enrolled and have paid their tuition for the upcoming sememster.

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Columbia County 4-H Trapshooting Scholarship Requirements
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1.     Applicant must be an active member of the Columbia County 4-H Project S.A.F.E. Team for at least 4 years.
2.     Applicant must attend no less than 75% of club meetings per year.
3.     Applicant must attend the (3) competition shoots:  County, District, and State Competition, during each of the 4 years.
4.     Applicant must participate in all club fund raisers per year.
5.     Applicant must complete five (5) hours of community service per year.  Documentation must be submitted to the Columbia County Project S.A.F.E Scholarship Committee through documentation of service via representative of agency where community service was provided.
6.     Applicant must maintain a passing grade point average in high school and a 2.0 grade point average in an accredited institution of higher learning.  A final high school transcript or college transcript must be signed and validated by campus principal, guidance counseler or shcool registrar and submitted ot the scholarship committee.
7.     Applicant must complete the following application.  He/She must submit applicatoin and all other required documentation to the Scholarship Committee prior to June 1st of application year.  A decision will be announced by July 15th of the same year.