Columbia County 4-H Project S.A.F.E
Enrollment - 2019
Shotgun Club enrollment meeting dates have been set for the following two dates 6:30 - 8:30pm at the Columbia County Exhibition Center (located near the Grovetown Walmart):

January 17th (Thursday)
January 22th (Tuesday)

2019 Calendar for download

Registration forms are available for download:  Click To Download.  We suggest downloading them and filling them out prior to coming to one of the registration meetings in an effort to save some time at the meeting.

A Hunter Safety Card Is Required To Participate
New members will need to ensure that a GA Hunter Safety Card is obtained prior to participating.  The process of taking an on-line course to obtain a Hunter Safety Card changed as of October 2015.  A separate review and test given by a DNR agent or volunteer is no longer required if the course has been taken on-line from one of the four approved vendors.  Please click here to see the new requirements and processes on the DNR website.

All returning members should be present at one of these meetings to ensure getting enrolled as we are looking to cap the enrollment due to not having enough space and time for practices. All returning team members
MUST BE ENROLLED & $135.00 PAID by February 1st - closing time of 5pm at the County Extension Office in Appling to ensure a spot on the team.

Enrollment will be capped at 125 team members.

Keep a pulse on announcements on our facebook page as this is where last minute updates are posted.